In all capital letters, billionaire entrepreneur and investor Mark Cuban wrote to Twitter, “Both of you need to do your f**king job!” to Senators Chuck Schumer and John Cornyn.

Addressing Mr. Schumer, Cuban told him to “stop kissing progressive a**” and “we can’t solve every problem in this deal.”

Addressing Mr. Cornyn, Cuban said “stop kissing big corporate a**” and “they don’t need buybacks or exec bonuses.” Mr. Cuban added, “They [coporations] have no choice but to take any deal they can get.”

Mr. Cuban’s tweet came in response to Senator John Cornyn who wrote “blah blah blah” to Mr. Schumer. Mr. Schumer wrote to Twitter, “We voted no on the McConnell-GOP bill because among other problems it includes huge bailouts without protections for people and workers and without accountability, and because it shortchanges our hospitals and healthcare workers who need our help.”

“These changes need to be made,” Mr. Schumer added.

Mr. Cuban didn’t end there, however. He explained, “The economy is crashing and people are getting sick and dying because you 2 hard d**ks think your agendas are bigger than the health and future of the American people. They are not. There is no perfect deal.”

Adding in full capital letters, Mr Cuban wrote, “Time is our enemy. Get this done today!”

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