Breitbart reported on a call to hold China accountable and change America’s financial and diplomatic relationship with the communist regime for their mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic by Gordon Chang, who authored the book The Great U.S.-China Tech War.

Chinese authorities are still being questioned about the number of reported deaths due to the coronavirus as they have allowed citizens pick up the urns supposedly containing their loved ones.

Rebecca Mansour said on the Breitbart News Tonight radio broadcast that people are “furious” with China and will insist on some type of accountability or change in relationship after the coronavirus pandemic ends. She went on to say that the shutdowns are leaving the world frustrated with China and “if the projections are as bad as some of the epidemiologists suggest they will be, we’re going to come out the other end of this extremely angry. We cannot go back to status quo with China. it seems to me that there’s going to be a reckoning, some sort of an international trial.”.

Breitbart further reported on the broadcast.

Mansour added, “‘We are going to have a lot of people sick and tragically dead because of this, and as you said, China’s handling of it — their gross malfeasance — is unacceptable.”

Chang replied, “My mind is just does not able to comprehend this. I am actually surprised by the inhumanity of what they’ve been doing, and it just incomprehensible. When you look at the modeling of virologists, we could have something like 95 million Americans infected, maybe more, and the death toll from that could very well be in the hundreds of thousands.”

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The coronavirus outbreak increases the urgency to economically decouple from China, maintained Chang.

“We probably will follow something close to a trajectory of the countries in Europe, which means we will have perhaps millions or tens of millions of Americans infected, hundreds of thousands of us will not survive this,” Chang stated. “So we have got to understand that however this came out of China — deliberate or accidental — we have got to cut our links with China. We have got to impose costs on China. We’ve got to defend the American Republic because this is an existential crisis for us.”

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The World Health Organization’s (WHO) political corruption has been further revealed during the viral pandemic, observed Chang.

“Dr. Tedros, as the director general of the World Health Organization, has actually hindered the world’s response to the coronavirus,” Chang remarked. “So he delayed, at a critical moment, the declaration of a health emergency. He also delayed the declaration of the pandemic. Now both of these things eventually got done, but much later, and as the World Health Organization delayed, people got sick and people died. So this is an example of China actually pressuring the head of the WHO and senior WHO officials into doing things which really resulted in tragedy.”

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The U.S. should defund the WHO in the absence of executive reform, Chang recommended.

“We’ve got to remember that Dr. Tedros himself is a die-hard committed socialist,” noted Chang. “During one of his early trips to Beijing during the coronavirus epidemic, he was talking about China’s response and [how] it showed the superiority of the socialist system, thereby him making comments to the detriment of democracies.”

The World Health Organization received criticism for promoting the claims of the Chinese authorities before conducting an independent investigation.

The WHO also tweeted support for China’s claim that the coronavirus was not transmitted from person to person and publicly opposed the now-praised strategy by President Trump to restrict travel from the region of Wuhan in China.

Travel restrictions are now imposed by many countries and have been contemplated by President Trump to implement on a domestic level, restricting travel from highly infected areas like New York and New Jersey.