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🚨 POLL: Do you agree Jordan is the greatest basketball player? 👇

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ESPN released a sports documentary about Michael Jordan, called “The Last Dance,” which has sparked a debate over who reigns the title of the greatest basketball player of all time.

Los Angeles Lakers legend put the debate to rest with one simple answer, according to Fox News.

He said, “it’s still Michael Jordan.”

Johnson appeared on SportsCenter where he offered praise for Lebron James, noting that he thinks he’s the best all-around player, but said he would still give Jordan the number one spot.

“First of all, let’s not take anything away from LeBron James,” Johnson said, “because LeBron James is a great basketball player, one of the all-time greatest that’s ever played the game. LeBron James to me, when you think about all-around basketball players, he’s probably the best of all time, an all-around basketball player. But, when you want to say ‘who’s the greatest ever,’ it’s still Michael Jordan.”

Johnson won five NBA championships of his own and also played in nine NBA Finals.

One of Johnson’s four losses was to Michael Jordan and The Bulls.

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Jordan’s 6-0 NBA Finals record, compared to James’ 3-6 record, was why he chose Jordan over James.

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