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Former Whitewater Independent Counsel Ken Starr said that the new investigation into Hunter Biden’s service on the board of natural gas company Burisma will serve as “accountability” for the long-running investigation into the Biden family’s dealing with Ukraine, according to Fox News.

During an interview on “America’s Newsroom” with host Sandra Smith, Starr said that Senator Ron Johnson is right to inquire for more information in regards to the Biden’s.

“As Senator Johnson has said on Fox News, ‘Let’s just get these facts and if there is no there there.’ But, why all the protesting? Why don’t we just get these documents in good order and analyze them and so forth?’ he asked.

“The final point on this [is] what we do know is that this firm, Blue Star, did make arrangements for Burisma — which is a corrupt company in Ukraine — to have meetings with the Justice Department and the State Department in Washington, D.C., during an election year,” stated Starr. “Let’s just find out. Maybe they were innocent, maybe they weren’t.”

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee voted to subpoena documents and depositions from consulting firm Blue Star Strategies.

“I think they protest a little bit too much,” Johnson told “Outnumbered Overtime” Wednesday, adding that “apparently we’re hitting a nerve here.”

“Maybe we’re getting close to finding some important information,” Johnson hypothesized.

“You say Hunter Biden and the Democratic side of the aisle goes crazy,” Starr remarked. “But, even Hunter Biden serving on the Burisma board later said that was an exercise of poor judgment on his part.”

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“And, now what we are talking about specifically — so let’s just be very direct — Burisma in Washington and trying to use its influence in Washington, D.C. We deserve to know that,” he told Smith.

“We deserve to know and Senator Johnson…[has] long been a friend of Ukraine. He wants to see a strong U.S.-Ukraine [relationship]. And, I think if anything, this buttresses our relationship with President Zelensky and the new reform government in Ukraine,” Starr concluded.

“So, don’t be afraid of the truth, Democrats. Let’s just see what the facts are.”

More from Fox News:

The company worked in partnership with Burisma when Biden served on the board in 2014.

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Johnson had announced earlier this year that he planned to subpoena Blue Star for records in order to review a potential conflict of interest, as well as whether individuals at the firm improperly used their relationship with Hunter Biden to “influence” U.S. government agencies.

Democrats, however, have a different take. As Republicans push for answers, their liberal counterparts argue that a hearing now would be nothing more than a diversion to distract from President Trump’s own problems.

Johnson said liberal indignation has left him feeling “somewhat suspicious.”