A suspect is in custody after police shot rubber pellets and used a K-9 to end a chase in California.

Police said they were called to the location at about midnight regarding a stalking suspect and encountered the man.

The suspect led officers on a pursuit and he refused to stop his vehicle.

The suspect continued on the 10, 57 and 91 freeways, police said.

Police deployed spike strips to slow him down.

The K-9 ended the chase and the video is going viral.

Police say the suspect is 31-year-old Julio Vasquez.

Police shot out the suspect’s side window with rubber pellets and video showed a K-9 jumping inside the vehicle.

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The K-9 bit the suspect and apprehended him.

The suspect will be charged with felony stalking and felony evading after police say he violated a restraining order.

The suspect was stalking his ex-wife. Additional charges could also be added after he allegedly punched the K-9.

WATCH: K-9 Jumps Into Vehicle To Take Down Suspect After Long Police Chase

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