Former Vice President Joe Biden faced technical difficulties when he tried to livestream from a podium in his house while volunteering to isolate himself during this coronavirus outbreak.

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Biden’s teleprompter broke in the middle of his ‘coronavirus’ address today. His entire candidacy has been painful 😩 #covid #maga2020

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You can see Biden motioning to someone behind the camera to move up what is presumably a teleprompter, as he says “and uh, in addition to that, uh, in addition to that, we have to um, make sure that we uh, we are in a position that, we are, well, let me, let me go to the second thing.”.

Joe Biden abandons the message and moved on more to more confidently insist that President Trump “must use the Defensive Production Act”.

President Trump has hesitated to enact the the Defensive Production Act, which mandates the production of particular goods needed in the pandemic. As reported by Fox News, this has been because tech companies like Apple and Facebook have donated millions of masks and automotive companies like GM have offered their manufacturing and delivery capabilities to bolster production for ventilator companies.

Apple CEO Tim Cook posted on Twitter that Apple will make donations to several countries that are struggling to fight the spread of COVID-19.

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Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg posted on his own platform his strategy of donating the 720,000 masks that they collected to help those fighting the wildfires in California, Australia and South America.

Joe Biden has performed well against to his peers, outlasting all of them except for Bernie Sanders, but the flubs and gaffes continue provide content for his critics.