Jeff Bezos continues to have a record-breaking year as he purchases the most expensive house in Los Angeles.

Amazon Inc. recently made headlines by being the fourth company to achieve a worth over a trillion dollars. They are joining Microsoft Corp., Apple Inc. and Alphabet in this exclusive group. The surge to Bezos’ share in stock boosted his worth by over $12 billion dollars in a matter of hours. This boosted the tech giant CEO to a worth of $116 billion dollars.

Bezos has marked his return to Beverly Hills by purchasing the iconic Warner Estate. This massive $165 million dollar mansion built in the early 20th century is connected to industrial age stars and celebrities and being linked to modern success and technology.

The Warner Estate has been more than just a popular location for posh parties through the decades. The house itself is a character and contributor to the mythical opportunities that Hollywood can offer. It was first constructed by a founding brother of the Warner Brothers.

Jeff Bezos bought the house from David Geffen, who had success in the music industry before co-founding DreamWorks SKG with Steven Spielberg in 1994. Geffen is expected to make approximately a $120 million dollar profit from when he purchased the house 30 years ago.

Fox News reported on the record smashing real estate deal.

The sale price breaks the previous record for Los Angeles County last year with the $150 million sale of Chartwell, the Bel-Air estate that appeared in “The Beverly Hillbillies.”

Bezos’ new home includes amenities like a tennis court, pool and golf course, according to the report.

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The 9-acre estate — surrounded by tall hedges and a gate — was originally built in the 1920s for Jack Warner, founder and former president of Warner Bros. The Hollywood mogul ended up expanding the estate with several neighboring properties, Architectural Digest reported. It was reportedly the site of many star-studded parties from the 1930s through ‘60s.

At the time, the home was 13,600 square feet. There are also two guest houses on the property.

Geffen paid $47.5 million when he bought the property in 1990, the Journal reported.
Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez had reportedly been visiting several homes in the L.A. area priced at more than $100 million.

This isn’t Bezos’ first home in Beverly Hills. He and his ex-wife, Mackenzie Bezos, previously paid $24 million for an 11,891-square-foot mansion there and later bought the house next door for $12.9 million.

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Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos officially divorced in July. Jeff remained the richest man in the world and MacKenzie quickly became the richest woman in the world. They have issued supportive statements of one another and although MacKenzie has voting options in relation to Amazon Inc., she has entrusted that power with Jeff.

Here is a tour of the new home for Jeff Bezos.

Amazon Inc. continues to succeed and create an incredible amount of wealth for Jeff Bezos. Amazon Prime is in the film industry and the streaming service is creating entertainment that is heralded by critics and viewers alike, so it should be surprising that the CEO of Amazon Inc. purchased an iconic piece of American culture at a record-setting price in one of the most popular places on the planet.

Is Jeff Bezos living the “American Dream”?