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The defense minister of Israel, Naftali Bennet announced on Twitter this week their plan to isolate the elderly until “60 – 70 percent of the population” has become infected and developed an immunity to the coronavirus.

In the video, Bennet cautions Israeli citizens not to hug grandparent because the COVID-19 is particularly deadly to people over the age of 60. He also asks people to deliver food to those in isolation, and recommended the boxes be wiped off before brought inside.

Breitbart reported further on the announcement.

The first step in Bennett’s plan, apparently, is to reduce the spread of coronavirus by practicing social distancing. But that cannot last forever, and pending the arrival of a vaccine, Bennett explained the next steps:

The most important thing — more than general social distancing; more than testing, testing, testing; is to separate old people from younger people. The single most lethal combination is when a grandma hugs her grandson. Why is that? Because corona is a unique virus, in the sense that it’s way more lethal for old people than for young people. In many countries, zero young people died.

Countries that many people died have 0% or 0.1% of folks under the age of 30 or 20 [dead]. Where old people over the age of 80 and 70, one out of five, one out of seven of them that get the virus, die. So what we need to do over the next period of time is take care of grandma and grandpa, but from far away.

Lots of WhatsApps and Skype, and you name it. Bring them food, clean the box before you leave, and then, they take it [into] their house. But do not enter the house: do not hug them, because you’re risking them.

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Finally, people ask me: so will the old people have to be isolated forever? The answer is no. What will happen over the next few months: gradually the rest of the population, want it or not, the rest of the population is going to get the coronavirus, most — the overwhelming majority of people that will get the coronavirus, won’t even know it. It will take three or four weeks, they won’t know they have the virus, and by the end of those four weeks, they will be immune.

It will start with a tenth of a percent, 1%, 5%, 20%. When it reaches just about 60%, 70% of the population that will be immune, the epidemic is over, and then grandma and grandpa can come out.

It might take a month, it might take two or three months, might take a bit more, but that’s the plan. Good luck. Take care of grandma and grandpa.

According to the Times of Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu responded quickly and initiated an internal lockdown of Israel once countries outside of China started reporting a growing number of cases. Israel has reported 900 positive cases and 1 death.

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