Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the citizens of Israel have been warned to avoid any international travel.

This is the first country to issue such a warning to its citizens as the coronavirus continues to spread around the world.

Wuhan is the city in China’s Hubei province where the outbreak of the respiratory virus originated.

Flights have been canceled to China by airlines and governments have issued warnings about travel to certain countries.

Israel’s health ministry issued this statement “If you don’t genuinely have to fly — don’t do so.”

From The Week:

Although the majority of cases remain in China, the virus has spread to several other countries.

In response to criticism that the country was stoking panic and could cause both economic and diplomatic damage, the health ministry said they’d rather deal with the inconveniences now than be sorry later, The Times of Israel reports.

The only confirmed Israeli cases so far involve people who were on a cruise ship that was quarantined in Japan, although South Korea — which is experiencing one of the larger outbreaks beyond China — reportedly informed Israel over the weekend that a members from a group of pilgrims returned to South Korea from Israel and tested positive for the disease.

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