Hillary Clinton made an appearance at the Berlin Film Festival for the release of her new documentary about her life.

Hillary has been accused of being close to the now disgraced film producer, because he was a consistent donor to the Democratic Party and was known for mingling and posing for pictures with top tier politicians.

Clinton did not distance herself from Weinstein’s past donations, but she pointed the finger at other Democrats that also accepted from Weinstein. Fox News has reported that Weinstein is listed as donating $72,000 to former President Obama’s campaign and “other affiliated parties” from 2011-2012.

Hillary responded to the reporter who asked about the campaign donations from Weinstein that “every” Democrat received a donation from him.

Deadline reported further on her responses.

Speaking at the Berlin Film Festival today, where her Hulu doc series Hillary is screening, Clinton commentated, “The jury’s verdict [in the Weinstein trial] really speaks for itself.” The disgraced movie mogul was found guilty of rape in the third degree and a criminal sexual act in the first degree after a seven-week New York trial.

Asked whether Weinstein’s donations to her presidential campaign meant that there could be more scrutiny placed on the sources of those donations in the future, Clinton pointed out that Weinstein had also donated to the Obama, Kerry and Gore campaigns, and insisted that “I don’t know if that should chill anyone else from contributing to political campaigns, but it should end the kind of behavior that he was convicted for.”

Hillary stated over the weekend that she has not chosen to endorse a candidate but will support whoever makes it out of the primary. She still wants to “retire Trump” and believes that the Democrats will be able to do so in November.

Hillary is the name of the documentary that is being described by the director not a “puff piece”. Hillary described the documentary as something more than just about her life, but it’s about the arc of women’s lives, about our politics, about all the challenges that any person faces in a lifetime.”.

The documentary series is slated to be released on Hulu sometime in 2020.

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