It has been reported by Daily Mail that Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Thursday that it was not the best strategy to quarantine all of New York at once to battle coronavirus because it not only shut down the economy but put young people in homes with older relatives and potentially exposed them to the virus.

The coronavirus rate of infection in New York has not been flattened by any measures taken by the government or citizens, but the frozen economy is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on people who rely on regular paychecks to bills that due soon.

Gov. Cuomo’s television broadcast was reported on by Daily Mail.

Speaking at a press conference in Albany as the number of cases in New York rose to 37,000 and the death toll increased to 385 – a spike of 100 in a single night – Cuomo said he was not convinced he would implement the same strategy again.

He is working on producing a test that will identify coronavirus antibodies in a healthy person who has self-recovered so that they can not only be cleared for work, but so their plasma of antibodies can be used to treat a sick person and build an immunity to the virus in them.

It is a strategy which Cuomo said was ‘the smartest way forward’.

‘It’s something we’re working through. The smartest way forward is a modified public health strategy that dove tails and compliments a get back to work strategy.

‘What we did was we closed everything down. Closed everything. If you re-thought that, or had time to analyze it, I don’t know that you would say, “quarantine everyone.”

‘I don’t even know that was the best public health strategy. Young people quarantining with old people was probably not the best public health strategy,’ he said.

‘How do you modify the health strategy to make it smarter but also starts to get you back to work? People who have resolved can go back to work. That’s how I think you do it,’ he said, adding it was not acceptable to focus either on the economy or on public health.

‘You have to do both,’ he said.

These are the sobering numbers reported by Gov. Cuomo.

New York By The Numbers

  • Total Cases: 37,000
  • Hospitalizations: 5,000
  • ICU Hospitalizations: 1,200
  • Hospital Beds Needed:  140,000
  • Ventilators Needed: 40,000
  • Overnight Deaths: 100

Gov. Cuomo has spoken candidly to New Yorkers on his daily broadcast communicating the unfortunate news that the coronavirus has continued to contribute to the deaths of a growing number of people in America, and a large portion of those are New Yorkers.

He stressed that the more vulnerable generations needed cooperation from the younger generation to quarantine themselves and maintain an exceptional hygiene standard. Gov. Cuomo emphasized that the focus should be on reducing the rate of infection, not just total number of infected.

The New York governor also spoke fondly of his communication with White House medical advisor Dr. Fauci. Gov. Cuomo said “‘Dr Anthony Fauci has been so kind and helpful to me.” adding, “‘I think he is just brilliant at this and he has been so personally kind, I call him late at night, middle of night, in the morning. He’s been really a friend to me personally and to the state of New York. “.

Daily Mail reported on Cuomo’s cal to the younger generation to step up to the challenge that they are facing in this coronavirus crisis.

Cuomo added that the crisis was the first time many of the country’s younger generations had ever known true adversity and that it could be the making of them.

‘There is a whole new generation who have never lived through anything like this.

‘They never went to war, they were never drafted, they never went through a national crisis. This is going to shake them,’ he said, adding that the ‘pressure’ of the crisis exposes people’s good traits and shortcomings.

‘The question is what does a person do when the pressure is on them? That’s when you can see a little crack in the foundation of a person. That little crack can explode and the foundation can crumble, or you can see the exact opposite,’ he said.

New York continues to be the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S.. They remain a top priority when it comes to production of the personal protection equipment and ventilators. Several thousand nurses and first responders have volunteered to assist the state in order to mitigate the impact to the medical community and facilities of New York.

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