According to a report from Fox News, Marjorie Greene, a businesswoman running to represent Georgia’s 14th congressional seat took new measures to blow up socialism.

Greene literally used explosives to blow up a sign that read “socialism” to show how serious she is.

“The theme of my entire campaign is ‘Save America, Stop socialism,'” Greene told Fox News. “So the idea is fighting back against the left’s radical agenda … And so that’s why I’m shooting at those things and blowing them up because we really have to fight back.”

“The explosions were real. A lot of campaign ads use fake explosions, [these] explosions were real. I’m the candidate and I made the shot myself so that was a lot of fun,” Greene said.

“The hardest [shot], believe it or not, was the sign that says ‘Socialism,’ because the can with tannerite was behind the sign, so I couldn’t see the can. I just had to aim at the specific area on the sign they told me to so I could make the explosion.”

More from Fox News:

In her first TV ad that launched Tuesday on cable TV, Greene drives her Humvee out on an open field and shoots an AR-15 gun at tins that represent gun control, open borders and the Green New Deal — blowing each one up.

Then in the grand finale, Greene, a mom of three who has the endorsement of Gun Owners of America, takes aim at a sign that says “socialism.” It explodes in dramatic fashion.

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Greene, with the help of her family, filled up paint cans with explosive tannerite so when the bullet hit the container it blew up. She shot the cans from about 150 yards away.

Greene, who runs a family-owned construction company, is seeking an open congressional seat in Northwest Georgia to succeed the retiring GOP Rep. Tom Graves.

She faces a crowded primary race on May 19 against John Cowan, a neurosurgeon; Clayton Fuller, a former prosecutor; John Barge, former state Georgia State Superintendent of Schools and Ben Bullock, an Air Force veteran. Also running in the GOP primary are Kevin Cooke, a state representative; Bill Hembree, a former member of the Georgia legislature and Andy Gunther.