Lis Kudrow revealed that Matthew Perry, her “Friends” co-star gifted her an iconic prop from the show’s set, according to Fox News.

Kudrow played “Pheobe” on the hit show for all ten seasons.

During an episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kudrow shared that she is in possession of the “Cookie Time” jar that appeared in the background of Monica and Rachel’s kitchen on the show.

Kudrow explained that the cookie jar that had a clock painted over the words “Cookie Time,” was gifted to her from Perry as a final gift when the show ended.

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She then further explained why this gift was so meaningful and noted that it held a special significance between her and her co-star thanks to an on-set laugh it inspired several years prior.

“We were laughing hysterically,” she said. “So we’re shooting a scene years before we were finished and my line was, ‘Oh, I’d better get going’ like ‘Oh, I’m late, I better get going.’”

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She continued: “Except I didn’t have a watch and we were shooting it. It was too late when I realized I don’t have a watch. How do I know, ‘Oh, I have to get going’? So, as the words were coming out I went, ‘Oh good, there’s a clock.’ I gestured to that and said ‘Oh, look at the time. I’ve got to get going.’”

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“I think the first thing I asked was, ‘This is so nice, did you get permission?’” she joked, noting that security was tight around the set of “Friends.”

“My car used to get searched every night when I left.”

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She explained that her co-star quickly noticed that she pointed to a fake clock and called her out on it when the scene ended prompting a meltdown of laughter on the set that day, thus making it the perfect piece of memorabilia for the actress after the show ended.