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During a Turning Point USA summit on Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. recalled a story of an elderly woman yelling at him in a fancy Manhattan restaurant.

Trump Jr. admitted to the conservative student attendees at the West Palm Beach summit, he was not at all expecting what would happen next.

“I’m at this restaurant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan,” Trump Jr. began.

“I’m sitting there for 90 minutes being like, ‘Okay, who’s it going to be?’ Meaning, which jerk is going to go for their Instagram moment to try to do something ridiculous or insulting — and so, being a fighter, you sort of anticipate it.”

“So I’m sitting there, and I’m thinking that literally every human being in this room is giving me side-eye,” he continued. “We pay our bill. We’re walking out, and this older lady gets up, and she goes, ‘You!’ and I mean loud. The whole restaurant looks over.”

“This old lady gets up, right in my face,” said Trump Jr. “The whole restaurant is now looking, and I’m thinking, ‘Great, now I just gotta take it.’”

Trump Jr. continued to tell what the woman said next: “You guys have the biggest — she used the English version — cajones in the world! And I love it! You guys don’t take any crap from these guys. You guys give it back. I see the results, and I’ve been a life-long New Yorker and Democrat for my entire life!”

“That, I was not expecting,” said Trump Jr. “And all of the sudden, I look around the room, and everyone that I thought was giving me that side-eye — stands up and starts clapping.”

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“Every one of them started clapping, standing up, and it became a 20-minute lovefest of selfies,” he added.

“It was really telling to me. It needed one person,” continued Trump Jr, “just one person to be the catalyst to change the dynamic of what was going on. So there were people in that room who were totally supporters; they just didn’t necessarily have the guts to step out.”

“It took one old lady to have the guts to actually stand up,” he added, “to have the guts to recognize what’s actually going on.”