Nancy Pelosi has remained confident in her claims that the Democrats are a unified front, and that the impeachment of President Trump has been handled with superlative care.

According to a new report on ABC News, Rachel Bade, a Washington Post congressional reporter revealed that many Democrats have privately revealed that Pelosi’s impeachment was a “gambit “and a “failed strategy.”

This week, Pelosi is expected to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

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According to Bade, several Democrats were “furious” with Pelosi.

“She was clearly putting a positive spin on what a lot of Democrats have privately said was a failed strategy,” Bade said.

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She noted how Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer were pushing for witnesses and wanted a resolution on the proceedings and “got neither of those.”

“I know her team has sort of said, look, she was able to hold out, there was a bunch of new revelations that happened over the holiday break. Bolton came out and said he’s willing to testify,” Bade said.

She added: “Those things probably would have happen regardless of whether she was holding them. And, in fact, there might have even been more news focused on those things if everybody wasn’t asking what is Nancy Pelosi doing for the articles.”

Beyond Pelosi’s endless games, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced the impeachment trial in the upper chamber will begin this week.

Pelosi recently announced that she will send impeachment articles to the Senate in order for a trial to start next week, Fox News reports.

Pelosi wrote, “I have asked Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler to be prepared to bring to the Floor next week a resolution to appoint managers and transmit articles of impeachment to the Senate.”

“I will be consulting with you at our Tuesday House Democratic Caucus meeting on how we proceed further,” Pelosi added in a letter to colleagues.

Pelosi’s fellow Democrats started to voice their frustration and impatience as Pelosi withheld the articles of impeachment.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) told to Politico “The longer it goes on the less urgent it becomes. So if it’s serious and urgent, send them over. If it isn’t, don’t send it over.”

Several high ranking Democratic senators have reached out to media outlets to publicly announce that they are waiting for Pelosi to complete her part of the process. They have been waiting for the articles of impeachment for what they believe is an unbelievable amount of time.

The Independent senator from Maine, Angus King joined Feinstein, Doug Jones and Chris Coons have all told media outlets that they do not want Pelosi to hold up the process any longer.

“Pelosi nevertheless defended her approach in the memo Friday, stressing important new information on the Ukraine controversy at the heart of impeachment that emerged during the interim,” Fox News added.

Pelosi wrote, “I am very proud of the courage and patriotism exhibited by our House Democratic Caucus as we support and defend the Constitution.” Pelosi has been pressing the Senate for a “fair trial” with witnesses and documents.

“In an impeachment trial, every Senator takes an oath to ‘do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws.’ Every Senator now faces a choice: to be loyal to the President or to the Constitution,” Pelosi wrote.

“No one is above the law, not even the President,” Pelosi concluded.

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Pelosi’s demands in recent days included calling on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to reveal the resolution that would set the terms for the trial before she would transmit the articles.

Pelosi and her allies seemingly wanted a commitment to call certain Democrat-sought witnesses, and at least learn more about McConnell’s plans. But McConnell wouldn’t budge, insisting that the Senate first launch the trial, and then resolve issues surrounding witnesses later, declaring that he would not haggle with Pelosi and accusing her Thursday of playing “irresponsible games.”

While Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., had largely backed Pelosi in calling for commitments from McConnell, other Democratic senators began this week to pressure the House to get moving.

“I think it’s time to turn the articles over,” Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said Wednesday on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” “Let’s see where the Senate can take it.”

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    Amen & Amen👍💞💥

  2. This is clearly an open and shut case, for one there needs to be a crime in their articles there is none, they also cant make up new ones even though they would love to, The GOP knows they are doing this to cover their crimes so all the witnesses that will be called 1st will be pelosi and schiff and schumer, then all their kids involved in the ukraine scandal as well as romney ,kerry pelosi, and biden, the game is up all thats left is the butt whoopin the dems are about to get for this coup attempt

    • Agreed open & shut case. Insane that it got this far talk about Senate’s need to be fair & unbiased democratic house members decided to impeach them went from there hunting a reason to do it. About as biased as you can get.

  3. That drunken airhead talks about justice and the constitution? Why didnt they preach that during that BS impeachment crsp in the house… They believe in “fair trial” when it goes their way…. Schitt on the LIEberals

  4. This morning I saw a blip on the news of Speaker Pelosi sporting a chicken s*** grin, proclaiming he would be impeached forever. What a piece of work. Please put her back in the minority.

  5. The only reason Puglousi is holding it up was she wanted to give Biden an advantage. Every other Dem. candidate is up for re-election

  6. Pelosi Muller Schiff and her squad needs to be sent to Iran. They love them so much. Let them deal one on one with them. Never has our government been attack by the evil the demwits have fished out. Our fire fathers are turning in their grave. The demsts should be all rounded up and put in prison for the rest of their worthless lives. God will deal with them and it won’t be nice. Can’t wait.

  7. It’s funny how Pelosi can act like the house was fair in their defending the constitution when they don’t even follow it themselves. I support the President and the constitution, something the democrats know nothing about. They’re socialists plain and simple.

  8. The democraps are running scared. They know they are going to lose and the swamp is going to drain and the Democrats are done for. Trump 2020 for sure

  9. Yes I completely agree theyre horrible people both Peosli an. Schifft both are crooks.
    She has wasted way to much money,an Demicrates did no work for the past 3 years. PELISO TO SAy about killing very bad bad guy. Take her do hard labor.

  10. Pelosi and Nadler upholding the Constitution? Now that’s rich. Wonder how they do that when they want to violate the hell out of the 2nd Amendment. May the Blue Bird of Karma take a big sh*t on Pelosi and her evil plans.

  11. If you think that DEMONCRATS honor the constitution then what are they doing in Virginia. All over the nation they speak of protection people, while removing the individuals right to do so, without a mention of the 70,000,000 that have been allowed the death sentence. The faithless Godless demons believe in nothing more the GLOBALISM and the CONTROL of ever aspect of your life, through GUN CONTROL, you will be forced to except the New World Order of George Soros, these people do not value you, or your constitution. Talk is cheap, these people are evil.

  12. So sick of hearing Pelosi and all her little minions say NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW! Gets old when we all know how much law breaking the democrats do!!!

  13. Pelosi has stated on air that illegal immigrants just want a better life. She wants to give them the right to vote. Her and her nephew, Gavin Newsome, allow them to receive welfare, food stamps, medical, housing and education for their children on the backs of hard working American taxpaying citizens. Remember, they only work under the table, so they don’t pay taxes.
    We have a severe homeless crisis where American taxpaying citizens need help but can’t get it. We have a population of Veterans that put their lives on the line for our freedoms that need help, be it housing, medical and other needs that she and her comrades refuse to help.
    She is one of the best examples of why we need term limits at every level of government.

  14. I think the Senate should have the same fairness in their trial as the house had in their clown show. . I really believe all of the criminals in the FBI, CIA — all of them will walk. No charges,,, nothing. I don’t care how many people are appointed to investigate! .It is all a show!!! I give up on justice in our government, if you are a Democrat, you can get away with anything, and I DO mean ANYTHING! If you are a Republican, you can be charged with or do time for ANYTHING!!!! PERIOD!!!! I am 79 and have watched this for years!!!! I am a dumb fool no longer!!!!

  15. the Socialist ISLAMACRATS of the 116th Congress…. Obama , and all the Law-Breakers of the Obama Regime and Administration, have for too long getting away with the myriad Crimes perpetrated 2009 through the present,. I DEMAND EQUAL JUSTICE for ALL, … and the cost for the Man-Hours, etc, of the entire Faux-pas-IMPEACHMENT PROCESS< should be PAID for FROM the SALARIES of ALL the members that were engaged in the process.

  16. The guilty party is Pelosi, Schumer, and their henchmen. Trump did nothing wrong and the skank from Cali will not convince the American people otherwise. She should be tried for treason along with Schumer, Schiff and the other liars that fabricated this atrocity.

  17. That woman is absolutely disgusting and needs to retire. And I know many democrats that feel the same way. What an embarrassment!

  18. “Every Senator now faces a choice: to be loyal to the President or to the Constitution,” Pelosi wrote.

    I believe that if every Senator is loyal to the Constitution, then President Trump has nothing to worry about!


  20. “No one is above the law, not even the President,” Pelosi concluded.

    That includes YOU TOO, Pelosi, as well as your henchmen, Nadler and Schiff. I do so hope THE LAW comes down on your necks like a ton of bricks, from which NONE of you ever recover very, very soon!!!!!

  21. However, Pelosi believes the Democrats and their familes are above the law and Trump is a threat to their ability to rob the American taxpayers of millions of dollars.


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