Democrat Senator Chris Coons told MSNBC’s “Kasie DC” that Sen. Lindsey Graham would “regret” launching an investigation into the Bidens.

This comment echoes exactly what former Vice President Joe Biden told CNN’s Don Lemon.

The investigation is looking into Biden’s dealings with Ukraine while serving in the Obama White House.

Coons claimed Graham’s investigation is based on “groundless allegations.” Further, Coons claimed an investigation would be a “circus or a sideshow” to distract from the impeachment hearing.

Coons: “I think he will come to regret this decision. I know that he is under enormous pressure from the Trump White House, he’s up for reelection, he’s facing a primary, but that doesn’t justify abandoning a decades-old friendship and a commitment to the truth…

“These are groundless allegations. Every journalistic outlet that has looked into it has said there is nothing there.”

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WATCH: Dem Senator Coons Tells MSNBC That Lindsey Graham ‘Will Come To Regret’ Investigating the Bidens

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