#4 Data & Brand Intelligence

As a Data & Brand Intelligence Company, we understand the importance of well organized and specific user data that is informative and actionable. Clients of Analyzing America possess massive and persausive influence over millions of subscribers. Each month, this userbase continues to grow.
Our team is able to implement a wide range of data-capturing fields depending on your company needs and interests. By agreeing to our terms and privacy policy of Analyzing America, millions of users permit collection of personal information, including but not limited to their name, age, location, gender, and interests. Moreover, Analyzing America can implement specific survey and data collection funnels for media and advertising companies. This survey data has played a critical role in expanding leads, sales,brand intelligence, and product development.
Data collection funnels may be designed and implemented by your company or by using our in-house teams of data analysts, content creators, graphic designers and web developers. Our data capabilities have helped dozens of competitive company improve their advertising quality and results, micro-target advertisements to specific leads, and eliminating wasteful spending in the ad industry.
Most importantly, Analyzing America delivers actionable data and increased sales, brand awareness, and traffic to your company. Our team is committed to making sure you are pleased with the performance and results of advertisements placed on sites, emails, apps, and social media accounts of Analyzing America clients. Unlike our competitors, we can deliver a profound impact and dramatically increase the number and quality of views and clicks to your company, which increases data/information, leads, sales, and brand awareness.

Analyzing America clients consistently drive high-quality views and results on a daily basis. As trusted and influential brands, Analyzing America clients have massive organic followings on social media and hold persuasive influence with millions of Americans. Analyzing America ensures each view of your advertisement is high quality by leveraging organic US traffic only. We drive extremely high viewability rates and engagement. We provide specific reporting on measurements for your review.

On a daily basis, we provide fast and detailed reporting on performance, views, clicks, CPM, and more. With fast reporting, this enables advertising companies to safely increase spending while remaining confident in the performance and influence of current advertisements. Our team can assist with advertising and micro-targeting to ensure performance meets your standards and expectations.

Analyzing America clients are carefully chosen following a detailed inspection of the size, influence, and reach of their entire online presence, including their social media accounts, web properties, and smartphone apps. As a result, we ensure each advertisement is associated with extremely trusted and influential brands. Repeatedly in our studies, advertisements that are promoted by America’s most important brands, news sites, and public figures drive significantly better results compared to lesser known web properties. By choosing to partner with Analyzing America, we know exactly how to present your advertisements across the social media and web properties of high-profile brands and personalities.

After reviewing our information, we encourage you to submit more information regarding your budget and goals. Following our review, we will reach out with next steps.

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