According to Fox News, the number of military members that have tested positive for COVID-19, an infection related to the coronavirus, has “quadrupled in less than a week”. They have reported a total of 280 members infected with the coronavirus worldwide.

This is the clip from Fox News’ Bill Hemmer Reports.

One of the United States’ three deployed aircraft carriers, the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt will be returning to port in Guam after 24 sailors reportedly had contracted the coronavirus. This aircraft carrier was able to conduct limited testing onboard before determining there was a coronavirus outbreak that had infected a large number of sailors, causing it to cease running 24 hour air missions in the South China Sea.

This is the first known case that the coronavirus is majorly affecting a military operation. Once the aircraft carrier returns to Guam, each of the 5,000 people onboard will be tested and any with health concerns will be tracked.

Thomas Modly, acting Secretary to the Navy told reporters that there were 800 tests onboard the carrier and more tests are being flown into the carrier while it travels to Guam.

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