As reported earlier, the NFL arranged a workout for Colin Kaepernick and over two dozens teams were expected to attend. Kaepernick refused to show up. He didn’t agree with the league’s conditions regarding the workout.

At the last minute, just 3 hours before the workout, Kaepernick changed the venue and worked out at a local high school in Atlanta. Only 8 of the 25 original teams showed up to scout him. Most notably, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith criticized the former quarterback in a viral online video.

During the workout, Kaepernick wore a black shirt with the words “Kunta Kinte”:

“Kunta Kinte was a historical character from the 1976 novel ‘Roots.’ The character was an African man who was enslaved and taken to America, the ancestor of “Roots” author Alex Haley. The reference is clear, even if the comparison may be lacking,” reports Western Journalism.

Professional, multi-millionaire athletes have recently argued NFL team owners have a “slave mentality.” Kaepernick has filed grievances against the NFL and its teams’ owners, alleging they keep him out of football due to his stance on social issues.

“Kaepernick apparently feels like a slave being forced to follow the NFL’s whims to get a job in the league again,” Bryan Chai added at Western Journalism. “But it’s also worth noting that Kaepernick is not only a free man, but also a millionaire many times over and is now trying to get a private business to hire him.”