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Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized those protesters in Seattle, Washington, who seized six blocks of the Capitol Hill area and claimed them as their own “country.”

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ, is run exclusively by the protesters who have set up barriers and blockades to prevent outsiders from entering. The group is also preventing law enforcement, members of the media, and non-Antifa members from entering.

Carlson claimed the group of protesters “stole” the land they claim was “formerly owned, in part, by the Seattle police department.”

“The founders of CHAZ wanted that land, so they planted a flag and they stole it, just like the conquistadors,” Carlson said via BizPac Review. This “was a bit of a surprise given the claim these modern conquistadors claim to be Progressive ideologues,” he added.

Carlson said, the group ironically and immediately implemented many of the policies they criticize Trump for enacting.

“They built a wall around the place just like Donald Trump once said he would do,” he noted, mentioning the “rigid national borders” of the 6-block radius.

“Their wall is made from wooden barricades. A sign at the entrance to the country warns ‘You are now leaving the USA’,” Carlson explained, saying armed border guards are keeping watch. They are “not technically ICE agents, but close enough,” the host added per the report.

Carlson continued: “They question everyone seeking entry. Countries have borders and the founders of CHAZ understood that. They don’t want the place flooded with illegals — and by illegals, we mean the citizens of Seattle.”

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“The founding idea in CHAZ, its Magna Carta…is that cops are bad — very, very bad,” he continued. “So not surprisingly, CHAZ has banned police from its territory. The surrounding city of Seattle seems okay with that decision.”

BizPac Review adds:

Seattle-area radio show host Jason Rantz told Carlson about the violent protesters and the fact that there were no police in the area.

“Right now it’s too violent for us to go in,” he said. “It’s a little bit too scary for us to go in, because when you go in and you have a different opinion than what they’d like to be seen on video, they end up harassing you and they assault you.”

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Rantz pointed out that the people of CHAZ include anarchists, Antifa protesters and community organizers, warning that the situation that unfolded in Seattle could happen in any other U.S. city.

“If folks think right now that maybe they live in Los Angeles, in New York, ‘oh it’s not gonna happen here,’ yeah it’s gonna happen there. We’re allowing it to happen here. We’re not getting involved at all, we’re pretending it doesn’t exist,” he said.