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As Hollywood hated production on nearly every project, the internet has been flooded with celebrities showing on social media how they are passing time while being self-quarantined. While there are no red carpets or paparazzi to keep a celebrity’s name in the headlines, a wide range of famous people have posted everything from performances to chores on social media.

Breitbart reported further on the #StayHome videos.

Entertainment luminaries including Michael Stipe, Steve Martin, Hugh Jackman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Trevor Noah, Naomi Watts, and Richard E. Grant have posted videos in which they perform for the camera, reveal their stay-at-home activities, and provide their personal takes on the global outbreak.

The celebrity stay-at-home video is part public service announcement, part virtue signal. But as Breitbart’s John Nolte noted, the stars could be spending their time more productively: “Why don’t they put on protective gear and spend their days serving the countless homeless who have been camped in squalor right outside their front doors for years?”

The multi-platform entertainer Lin-Manuel sang a soothing version of “Everything’s Alright” from Jesus Christ Superstar.

Daily Show host Trevor Noah hosted a show from home containing advice on when to to the emergency room.

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Whitney Cummings did a Q&A with her personal lookalike robot.

Patrick Stewart took the opportunity to present Shakespeare to his followers.

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X-Men hero and Greatest Showman, Hugh Jackman reached out to a garbage man who was featured on Good Morning America for spreading a positive attitude while working at night during the pandemic.

Steve Martin offered his fans on Twitter a relaxing finger pickin’ tune on his banjo.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has posted several uplifting videos featuring his pony Whiskey and his donkey Lulu. He has encouraged people to “Listen to the experts, ignre the morons.” during the pandemic.

Comedians Mike Birbiglia and Gary Ulman utilized Twitter to raise money for the Boston comedy staff members that have been impacted by the shutdown of the dine-in industry in the state of Massachusetts.