Following Biden’s big reveal of his Vice Presidential pick, tons of celebrities offered their support and endorsement for the Democratic duo, according to Breitbart News.

“Yes we Kam!” actress Kerry Washington declared of the far-left U.S. Senator from California.

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Oscar-winner Halle Berry celebrated Harris’s bi-racial identity. “History has been made!” the X-Men star tweeted.

Pop star Pink, who recently told Trump supporters that their vision for the country doesn’t represent the true America, said that her family was crying “real actual tears of joy.”

Actor Mark Ruffalo, who was a fervent Bernie Sanders supporter, tweeted: “This works too! Let’s get this party started!”

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Actress Patricia Arquette took a passing swipe at U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr.

Comedian and blatant Never-Trumper Kathy Griffin tweeted, “IT’S ABOUT F**KING TIME.”

More from Breitbart:

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has long been a darling of the Hollywood elite since her days as California’s attorney general. Celebrities eagerly lined up to support her presidential campaign, which ultimately flamed out despite reams of glowing mainstream media coverage that declared her to be the “candidate to beat.”

Her abysmal popularity isn’t stopping Hollywood stars from once again performing the heavy lifting in her service. Actor Chadwick Bosemen tweeted a photo of himself embracing the vice presidential candidate. His Black Panther co-star Lupita Nyong’o did the same.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis called Harris a “strong” and “bold” choice for vice president.

Comedian D.L. Hughley declared that Harris was a “progressive pioneer” when she served as San Francisco’s district attorney.

Comedian Wanda Sykes tweeted the hashtag #nowletsgowinthisthing.

Actor Tony Goldwyn offered his congratulations to Harris. “Now let’s get this DONE!!!” he tweeted.