🚨 POLL: Does AOC want to ‘expand government control and dependency’?

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🚨 POLL: Does AOC want to ‘expand government control and dependency’?

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been under heavy scrutiny, and Candace Owens, a conservative news personality joined in on the matter, according to the Conservative Opinion.

It started when Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter and wrote, “Trump has NO PLAN to get people safely back to work. GOP Govs like Kemp are sending vulnerable workers to die w/ false claims of safety. Trump also pushed an unproven, dangerous treatment as a “cure” & firing experts who want to vet claims. Last thing you care abt is safety.”

Candace Owens fired back on Twitter to say, “You routinely complain that poverty is the reason that more minorities will die from Covid-19.
—but you advocate for a BOYCOTT of employment, thereby impoverishing millions MORE minorities.”

“You’re an intellectual coward that only responds to white people that criticize you.”

She added,”You’re a racist, radical communist that wants to expand government control and dependency— and you are using the plight of minorities to fulfill your sick and twisted goals.”