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A man went viral for calling it how he sees it.

While one MSNBC reporter was out in Wisconsin reporting live on TV, he was allegedly trying yo get a story of local residents who were not following COVID-19 health measures, Andy Olson called out the reporter and his crew for shaming others when they were doing the very same thing, according to Fox News.

Andy Olson has since appeared on “Fox & Friends” with host Steve Doocy, and recalled telling his wife that the news correspondent Cal Perry was probably in Lake Geneva over Memorial Day weekend looking for Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, who reportedly “likes to wine and dine in Wisconsin.”

“But, I had a sense that maybe this guy is, you know, out there to get a story: ‘Look at all these people who are not, you know, social distancing,'” Olson remembered. “And, I thought it was odd that he had a mask but…a couple [of] members of his crew didn’t have masks.”

Perry began to point out that “no one” was wearing masks, Olson shot back: “Including the cameraman!”

Sent these MSNBC FAKE NEWS boys packing after nerdy newsboy tried calling me out for not wearing a mask, and I then…

Posted by Andy Olson on Monday, May 25, 2020

“Half your crew’s not wearing them,” he accused.

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Olson then recalled raising his own phone, intending to post it to Facebook, “get a couple of likes, and that would be the end of the story.”

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“But, he turned the camera on me. So, at that point I was like, ‘Okay, you want to, you know, [if] you want to play that game, mask shame somebody, I’m going to, you know, call you out and your crew,'” he told Doocy. “And, they had been there before they started filming, you know, closer together [with] no social distancing. In fact, the cameraman was like face-to-face with the reporter. You know, breathing in his face.”

MSNBC’s video of the exchange soon picked up traction online. President Trump’s son Don Jr. retweeted the clip that by Thursday morning had been seen more than 3.6 million times.

“Again, I didn’t ask to be put on camera or anything like that,” Olson asserted. “And, I walked away thinking, ‘Oh, they are going to edit and clean this up. I don’t know who these guys are.’

“But, yeah. They were not practicing the same rules,” he concluded.

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