Pete Buttigieg is calling the climate “just a few years away from the point of no return.”

Buttigieg added “and our lives depend on us doing something about that”

WATCH: Buttigieg Promotes Fear Calling Climate ‘Just A Few Years Away From The Point Of No Return’

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  1. He SHOULD be cleaning up HIS own town, which has a 25% Property rate, Joblessness and Crime Is OUR OF CONTROL. Oddly, Just like Chicago was when Obama was a State Senator from THAT District. Odd indeed.
    You know, they said the SAME thing in 1935 when the Depression was in full swing and we had a Dust Bowl in most producing states in the south. And here we are Now, and NONE of it came true. Fake Prophets are NEVER a good thing for human kind. Believe in what you can do BETTER and not in what Doom Sayers say we MUST DO,,,,THEIR WAY.


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