In the most recent Democrat debate, Mayor Pete Buttigieg made some surprising remarks.

Buttigieg expressed strong support for giving illegal immigrants reparations.

However, when as if he would do the same for African Americans who are the descendants of slaves, Buttigieg did not commit to the same promise.

Buttigieg said, “We have a moral obligation to make right what was broke,” referring to families separated at the border.

The mayor asserted his commitment to reparations for illegal aliens but stopped short of extending the same compensation to descendants of slavery.

Buttigieg said he supports pending federal legislation that would create a commission to study the feasibility of reparations for black Americans.

However, the mayor did not say he favored such compensation, arguing the legacy of slavery was monetarily immeasurable.

He said, “We’re talking about the generational theft of the wealth of generations of African Americans…

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“And just crossing out a racist policy and replacing it with a neutral one is not enough to deliver a fallen harms compound just like $1 saved in its value compounds over time.”

“So what is the value of $1 stolen,” Buttigieg asked.

He suggested the U.S. government invest in minority-owned businesses and historically black universities instead of reparations.

WATCH: Buttigieg Commits to Reparations for Illegal Aliens, Not for African Americans

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