As reported earlier, Iranian news agencies reported that a Boeing 737 passenger plane crashed minutes after take-off from Tehran.

The plane was operated by a Ukrainian airline and the crash killed all 176 people on board.

Now, two U.S. officials have said it’s “highly likely” that an Iranian anti-aircraft missile downed a Ukrainian jetliner late Tuesday, killing all 176 people on board, AP reports.

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“The crash came just a few hours after Iran launched a ballistic missile attack against Iraqi military bases housing U.S. troops amid a confrontation with Washington over the U.S. drone strike that killed an Iranian Revolutionary Guard general last week,” AP added.

“The officials, citing U.S. intelligence, spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive information. They said they had no certain knowledge of Iranian intent.”

U.S. officials believe that Iran could have mistaken the airliner for a threat.

President Donald Trump said, “Somebody could have made a mistake on the other side.” Trump suggested Iran could be responsible, although he didn’t directly lay the blame on Iran.

Trump did not believe Iran’s initial claim that it was a mechanical issue. “Some people say it was mechanical,” Trump added. “I personally don’t think that’s even a question.”

President Trump said the plane was flying in a “pretty rough neighborhood.”

The U.S. officials did not reveal what intelligence they have that points to an Iranian missile. However, the U.S. has satellites and other sensors in the region as well as other communication intercepts that could identify a missile firing.

More from AP:

The U.S. assessment comes after a preliminary Iranian investigative report released Thursday said the pilots never made a radio call for help and claimed the aircraft was trying to turn back for the airport when the burning plane went down. Ukraine, meanwhile, said it considered a missile strike as one of several possible theories for the crash, despite Iran’s denials.

The Iranian report suggests that a sudden emergency struck the Boeing 737 operated by Ukrainian International Airlines late Tuesday, when it crashed, just minutes after taking off from Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran.

Investigators from Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization offered no immediate explanation for the disaster, however. Iranian officials initially blamed a technical malfunction for the crash, something initially backed by Ukrainian officials before they said they wouldn’t speculate amid an ongoing investigation.

The Ukrainian International Airlines took off at 6:12 a.m. Wednesday, Tehran time, after nearly an hour’s delay at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Airport, the main airport for travelers in Iran. It gained altitude heading west, reaching nearly 8,000 feet, according to both the report and flight-tracking data.

Then something went wrong, though “no radio messages were received from the pilot regarding unusual situations,” the report said.

Reports continued saying that the crash was due to technical problems.

The passenger plane was operated by Ukraine International Airlines.

Just after leaving Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport is when the plane crashed.

More from CNBC:

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky said that there were no survivors, Reuters reported.

There were conflicting reports about the number of people onboard.

Ukraine’s foreign ministry official told Reuters that there were more than 160 passengers while Iran’s Fars News Agency said the plane was carrying 180 people.

Fars Flightradar24, a flight-tracking site, identified the plane as Flight 752, a 737-800 that was bound for the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv from Tehran.

The plane stopped transmitting data about two minutes into the flight.

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  1. Trump made the right decision!!! We may have to wipe the iranians off the face of the earth. What good are they, anyway? All they want to do is make trouble.

    • USA is fighting 12 Nations at this time, we are invading Sovereignty Nations, you better grow up.
      Iran is one of the most developed Nations in the World, for thousands of years, they are Caucasian people.
      USA genocide 85 million of Natives in this nation of ours.
      Learn history of your Nation before you speak out
      I am Kapteni Nimolya EX-Guerrilla Freedom Fighter

      • Iranians and Al queda and isis have all killed entirely way more of your natives than any American ever had! You people are sick in the friggin head! You see how many of your people come here to America because they want a real life, all because y’all can’t get your act together and live good by the real God Jesus Christ Almighty!

      • Just a little history lesson you missed: those “natives” that you say this country “genocided”, were here for THOUSANDS of years before the white man ever appeared and were killing each other off just as quickly–in fact whole tribes were wiped out by other, larger and stronger tribes. Learn the history of your WORLD before you try to virtue-signal.

      • Who exactly have we “invaded”? And for what country were you a “freedom fighter”, aka Insurgent Terrorist? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t this one.

      • 85 million,ahh don’t think so . Thsts a lot of people. Lets see, what was number of all peoples killed in WWll, something like 12 million total. Me thinks you like to exagerate much or you just are stupid or you lie.

        • He’s not from here. Yea we done some bad things to our Natives. But you people attack our Embassy, get ready for the repercussions. It wont happen again. Good by Terrorists! Yippie KY yayyyy!

  2. they should nuke those guys because it’s never going to stop and that’s the only way they will get the message God told Joshua and his army to finish them the army complain of all the blood Joshua went before the lord in behalf of his army God told them what would happen if the job wasn’t finished he went back and told the army they fought some more and still complain bitterly Joshua went before the lord again and God said Ok let it be and not this is what we have to deal with and if a there not delt with in the manner set forth in Joshuas days it will only get worse

  3. President Trump made a very wise decision to rid this earth of terrorists like the Iranian General. But for Americans to criticize and mourn the death of the monsters that died is ridiculous and treasonous. The former NFL player that targeted the White House to be hit by Iranians is the purest of treason and should be expelled from this great country as well as this country allowed him to play to be paid huge amounts of money for a game should be sited for endangering our President and his family. Stupid dude. He really should be fined and expelled from US.

  4. Hard to fight the battle abroad when we have so many traitors in the USA. Time for serious deportation. Somalia etc. Deport the problems. Citizen ship for true Americans. Deport the traitors.

  5. I believe they shot it down by the Iranians thinking American missiles were going to going in that direction. They could then blame America for shooting it down.

    • That’s exactly what they did! Obama and Kerry both told them oh Trump will shoot back, let’s shoot down Ukrainian jet and blame it on Trump and kill two birds with one stone. ..make Trump look bad and turn Ukrainian president and people against Trump but guess what? YOUR PATHETIC LITTLE EVIL PLAN BACKFIRED YA DIRTBAG SAND TRIGGAS!

  6. We don’t give a damn who you are @kaptain Nemo you are NOBODY just like all the rest of the countries that wish they could be like us but they are too evil and God doesn’t allow evil to flourish in this world, evil never prevails just look at history! We took out Hitler, sadaam Hussein, Osama bin laden, salamiano, and the leader of isis whatever his name is Muhammad blah blah…you don’t want none of this!

  7. I totally agree with what I have been reading! Trump made the right decision, as when kids are raised to kill Americans and watch their leaders commit the type of attacks on America and other countries it gets burned into their brains.There isn’t a terrorist that will raise their hands in this Country and state the first chance to kill us they will. No it will be made known after they succeed in their attack!! Killing Americans and People of our allies because they believe in us is not acceptable!! And we can’t repeat the Clinton mistake and pull out because it will not stop them, and history shows this to be true. Already been to Iraq 2 times because Clinton and the Democratic Party didn’t have the intelligence to know it wasn’t over yet! Now it’s time to change history finish what was started against this Country, remember we didn’t start it we reacted to what was done against us!!!

  8. Add those victims to the body count of those murdered by Iran. They will never stop killing people-it’s in their genetic makeup. They need to be contained. They knew it wasn’t a missile coming their way from the US. There was someone(s) on that plane they didn’t want to get out of their country. They are no good to anyone. They offer nothing positive to the world. It’s a shame because at one time they were prosperous and things were good for them, and women were treated well. Now, women can’t even get medical care. It seems to me that the entire ME does nothing but fight and mistreat women and children.

  9. Reports I`ve heard the plane was climbing when it got hit. If there were machanicial problems could not have been climbing.


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