Democrats are in a hurry.

House Intelligence Committee Democrats are supposed to have their impeachment report finished by Monday morning. Then a vote by the committee is scheduled to happen on Tuesday.

This gives members only 24 hours to review the report.

“Lawmakers on the panel will get a 24-hour review period, according to internal guidance sent to committee members and obtained by POLITICO,” Politico reported. “On Tuesday, the panel is expected to approve the findings — likely on a party-line vote — teeing it up for consideration by the Judiciary Committee, which is in turn expected to draft and consider articles of impeachment in the coming weeks,” the report added.

Public sentiment for impeachment has decreased since the start of the impeachment hearings, according to national polls.

It appears Schiff is hoping to ram this report through within 24 hours.

Immediately, people responded to the Politico report:

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