The Justice Department’s inspector general Michael Horowitz is set to release his findings on the FBI’s Russia investigation within the next week.

However, Attorney General William Barr says he rejects one of Horowitz’s key findings.

“Barr’s issue with the report is said to center on Horowitz’s conclusion that the FBI had enough information to open an investigation into Trump campaign members in July 2016,” Solange Reyner writes of Newsmax.

Sources told the Post, “Barr has not been swayed by Horowitz’s rationale for concluding the FBI had sufficient basis to open an investigation on July 31, 2016.” It appears AG Barr believes there is sufficient evidence that the FBI acted out of bias when spying on the Trump campaign.

WATCH: AG Barr Disagrees With Key Finding Of IG Horowitz’s Russia Report

Barr cannot order changes to the report because the IG operates independently of the DOJ.

Horowitz is expected to allege that a former FBI lawyer altered a document related to the surveillance of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page, though he will say the lawyer’s conduct did not change the legal basis for the request to wiretap him.

The report is expected to be sharply critical of the FBI but The New York Times reported Friday that the IG is not expected to conclude that top FBI leaders acted out of bias.

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