Over 80 residents of Long Island remain under voluntary quarantine after possible exposure to the deadly coronavirus.

Residents have been warned to remain vigilant by Nassau County health officials.

Dr. Lawrence Eisenstein, Department of Health Commissioner for the county, said that 175 residents returned from China and decided to a voluntary quarantine.

There are a total of 83 people who may not be infected with coronavirus but remain under isolation for 14 days to prevent the possible spread of the disease.

Currently, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in New York but the 83 people are under isolation as a precaution.

More from WCBS reports:

“We check in with them every day for their temperature. They’re in communication with us, we’re in communication with them,” Dr. Eisenstein said.

Six people exhibited possible symptoms of the coronavirus – including coughing and a fever.

They have all been checked and so far, five Long Islanders have been cleared.

The health department is still awaiting the results of the sixth person.

“We discuss with them the importance of them voluntarily complying with removing themselves from contact with other people, and all of them, to this point, have understood,” the health commissioner said.

All of the hospitals in Nassau County have isolation rooms and while there have not been any mandatory quarantines, Dr. Eisenstein says they are prepared to contain any possible outbreak in New York.

“If somebody were not compliant, we would take next steps. We are prepared for all circumstances,” he says.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio held a briefing on coronavirus and said not to take the situation lightly but stresses there is no cause for panic.

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