An Iranian national armed with knives has been detained by police in Palm Beach, Florida, Daily Mail reported.

Police bomb squads searched his car at the nearby airport. The man was taken into custody on Flagler Memorial Bridge on Friday, the report added.

The man had in his possession $22,000 in U.S. currency, a machete and a pick ax, in addition to the knives.

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Local police are cooperating with federal authorities in an open investigation. Police haven’t released details on how they initially came in contact with the man.

This incident comes just days after Democratic Rep Ilhan Omar parroted an Iranian official’s insinuation that Iran may attack Trump properties.

According to Omar, President Donald Trump could go to war against Iran if the Islamic regime targets his hotel properties.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, who is a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee issued the theory in a tweet.

Omar tweeted, “Trump needs to immediately divest from his businesses and comply with the emoluments clause.”

“Iran could threaten Trump hotels *worldwide* and he could provoke war over the loss of revenue from skittish guests,”

“His business interests should not be driving military decisions.”

More from DailyMail:

Police said that the man did not appear to have a fixed or known address.

There were also reports of police activity at Palm Beach International Airport, where sources say a bomb unit was called in to check the Iranian man’s car at the airport’s short term parking lot.

An ‘all clear’ was given at the airport on Friday afternoon and operations have returned to normal.

It comes days after Iranian officials offered an $80 million bounty for the murder of President Donald Trump.

The Flagler Memorial Bridge is about four miles from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club, but the president is currently at the White House in Washington DC.

Trump recently spent the holidays at Mar-a-Lago, and it is possible that he may return as soon as next weekend.

The FAA issued flight restrictions over Palm Beach airspace effective January 17 to 19, a typical indication that a presidential visit may be scheduled.

Omar’s comments were summed up by Breitbart:

Her take comes after Hesameddin Ashena, a senior aide to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, tweeted a Forbes magazine video featuring Trump properties as well as a quote from Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

“I tell the whole world that if the world wants to stand up to our religion, we will stand up against their whole world,” read the quote.

Democrats have reacted with fury over President Trump’s decision to take out one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world, including Omar, who vowed to “step in and stop” the president, while pushing a conspiracy theory regarding his motive behind the strike.

“So what if Trump wants war, knows this leads to war and needs the distraction?” Omar tweeted Thursday evening.

“Real question is, will those with congressional authority step in and stop him? I know I will.”

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    • Why isn’t she in JAIL!!! For making terrorist threats against the president and this country!!!! If NO ONE is above the LAW as the Democratic party says then why is she allowed to make terrorist threats and not be punished for it???? if no one is above the law????

      • I agree with you ,Why can get away with things Republicans would go to Jail for doing ?
        This is an act of TREASON, a violation of the Logan act . Why isn’t someone arresting her & the rest of the TREASONOUS DEMOCRATS IN OUR GOVERNMENT?

      • Just like George Lopez saying he would kill the POTUS for $40 million!!! And Madonna who said she has thought about blowing up the white house, and Tom Arnold who said he would like to go hunting with Don Trump Jr and shoot him!! Why aren’t these lunatics in jail along with Illhan Ohmar!!!!😡

        • Illhan Omar anfd all the other America haters in our
          government need to be taken out of our Government, and country, if possible. We dont want people like that in our Country, much less our Government. We better crack down on these evil people who want to harm us, or pay a huge price, in our peace of mind, and the good of our great free country.

        • makes a person want to turn Iran into glass, doesn’t it? But, first send that scum in our government on a plane and drop them off.

    • Sedition and treason is what she needs to be charged with, include George Lopez on this list, for joking that he’d take out President Trump for half of the 80 million dollar bounty. These people suck!!!

  1. 💥💞👍TRUMPence our/his US ReTRUMPlican Lawmakers 2016-2028 successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly
    Amen & Amen👍💞💥

  2. Here’s the names of a few people who’re truly worth listening to as real experts on “the new world order” and Islam although their own religious beliefs are just as bogus. They all recognize what Sharia Law is and can help you keep it from being promoted and enforced in America. Did you know that “political correctness” (no freedom of speech) and “gun control” are both Sharia requirements but only for non Muslims, that Muslims are exempt from them, and that they can’t be forced to comply!

    Robert Spenser, Raymond Ibrahim, Anni Cyrus, Pamela Geller, John Guandolo, Major Stephen Coughlin, Ridvan Aydemar the “Apostate Prophet,” Bill Warner, Clair Lopez, Walid Shoebat, Brigitte Gabriel, David Wood, Frank Gaffney, Alex Jones, and Carl Goldberg.

    Please share this. Most of the people listed have good YouTube videos, articles, and books but likely not for much longer due to Communist and Muslim censorship of the Internet in their attempt to deny freedom of speech to hide any criticism and assure their global agenda of ruthless totalitarianism and mass genocide.

    • A good book I read this past summer was THE THIRD JIHAD by Michael Youseff. It’s a great eye opener to the Muslim plans for world domination! The best way to combat it is through prayer! This is spiritual warfare and we must battle it spiritually!

    • Read her words again. Omar is NOT telling the enemy to go after Trump’s business. What part of “Every past president has divested from their personal businesses to prevent conflict of interest” do you not understand??? Example….President Carter divested from his farming business when he was elected. Trump still refuses to divest from his businesses…….thus he is making Political Decisions based on “personal business” rather than doing what is right for America and the world as a whole. Wake Up Already!!!

    • Illhan Omar has an agenda to harm our country, so do the other women in that damn group. We are sick and tired of all of them. we want them OUT!.

  3. someone needs to take action against her and her squad before it’s to late. I really dont understand how they can keep getting away with making all these comments and threats. I thought it was against the kawvto make any kind of threat against the president or anyone else

  4. This goat faced herder needs to be put on a plane and flown the Hell out of this Country! Iran would be thrilled to take her…she should not be in government and close to sensitive information. She is an Enemy of the United States if America…Her PRSD is just as Fake and phony as she is…She is Dangerous serving in our Governmentment! She desperately needs to be Investigated for Our National Security! NOW!

  5. She is unfit to serve and should be removed and JAILED immediately! She is a minion of Satan and follows him through her “religion” which is nothing more than devil worship just as her middle eastern minions. Remember, the only thing keeping her from hell every second is the mere arbitrary will and patience of an angry God. <

  6. Ummm isn’t that considered a treasonous act? Time for another impeachment I’d say. We’ve seen the Muslim playbook on destroying America, get into politics and destroy it from the inside. WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!!!!!

  7. Omar and all other muslims in government positions should be removed immediately simply for national security interests. None should have access to any documents pertaining to our security, period.

  8. Cut his nits off and then feed him to the alligators. Or, better yet, tie him up and throw him in the hog pen. They’ll know what to do to him.

  9. I can think of no better people to deport then Omar and her Squad members and everyone that supports them. They are the true enemies of the state. The Muslim terrorist said they were going to take America over from him within

  10. Omar and her squad need to be fired and arrested they probably paid this man i would not doubt it., this so called squad is a danger to our country they will destroy America from within., and yet they have security clearance. has this country really become such a joke.

  11. President Trump if you calue our country and way of life. Dispose of the trash that is poluting the minds of America before it’s to late. You’ve been our best president ever but the politicians have sold out America. It’s time for our Anti-American politicians to be incarcerated. It’s our only hope. Stand strong America.

  12. Why does this idiot not see that the killing of a terroridt that has killed many Americans And also was attempting to blow up our embassy killing more Americans. How does she tie in how trump would kill or start a war if his hotel would be destroyed (nothing is for just him it’s for America and to protect Americans !

  13. Ilian Omar is guilty of corrobaration with the enemy as well as treason. Unseat her NOW! Or better yet, turn her over to Muslims and Tell of her improprieties with men!

  14. Why does this idiot not see that the killing of a terrorist that has killed many Americans And also was attempting to blow up our embassy killing more Americans. How does she tie in how trump would kill or start a war if his hotel would be destroyed (nothing is for just him it’s for America and to protect Americans ! ONLY

  15. President Trump….please move our troops and level that area…..and get it over with save the price of war that we have to pay with life

  16. Put her in prison for inciting violence on the president and his family. No…. Better yet put her back against a wall. I believe that is the expresion she used. No love lost here.


    • Brenda Stilwell I was i was banned for 30 days to because they said i posted a hate comment ! but theses dam democrats can do and say what ever they want and get by with it .as far as rag head go she she be locked up for the rest of her life at get moe .with all her bad ass muslim buddy’s .she and all the dem-oc-rats budd’ys should be shipped out to sea on a slow boat with a big whole in it TRUMP 2020

  18. The second largest Iranian population is in California that,s got to tell you something. We are letting evil set up in our country Thank,s to Obumma. They will work from the inside out and they hate us in a BIG way, remember we are the infidels and we must be destroyed. They tell us these are moderate Muslims —when push comes to shove I don,t think that there will be any moderate Muslims———-WAKE UP AMERICA———.

  19. She is another LIE perpetuated on the citizens of Minnesota. Vote her out! Get rid of her and scrub the office walls and ceiling where she has resided. Then deport her.

  20. They are allowed in this country because Pelosi, Schummer, and a few others voted to let them in back in the 50’s or 70’s. Before that there was a law to keep them out. This whole democratic bunch has been trying to ruin this country for a long time. I hope they are all soon locked up.


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