The coronavirus statistics from China on Thursday pushed the total number of cases where people are testing positive for the coronavirus over 60,000.

A new testing method is being given as the reason for the reported cases to jump from 1,638 on Wednesday, to 14,840 cases on Thursday. This makes for over 15,000 cases in one day in 28 countries. This new method requires the more reliable reading of a CT Scan instead of the time-consuming laboratory test that were being targeted by critics. This comes after many doctors were reporting that their patients were testing negative by still dying due to complications that match the coronavirus symptoms.

Chinese authorities has been criticized for how the local leadership initially handled the outbreak. The recent death, due to contracting the coronavirus, of a doctor that was regarded as a “whistleblower” in Wuhan has brought more attention to how the hospitals handled the patients in the beginning stages of the epidemic.

Fox News reported on the new surge in cases.

The nucleic tests, according to reports, were criticized over their accuracy. The public has widely criticized local officials for their handling of the outbreak and Beijing has been accused of withholding key statistics in the virus’ early days.

The Times reported that under the new guidelines, patients undergo a CT scan of their lungs and are observed by doctors to see if they’re symptomatic.

China has locked down an unprecedented 60 million people in an effort to curb the spread of the virus, which has hit hardest in the city of Wuhan and surrounding towns in the Hubei province.

Chinese President Xi Jinping promised tax cuts and other aid to industry as the ruling Communist Party tries to limit the mounting damage to the economy.

An overwhelming majority of the cases worldwide are being reported from China, where they recently constructed a large hospital just to process and care for the masses of people that have been showing symptoms of the coronavirus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been on the ground in China for months and have spoken positively on China’s national effort to thwart the spread of the virus. They were outwardly optimistic this week until the new reports were release with the immense increase in cases.

The economy is struggling and although some residents are allowed to briefly leave their homes, most the streets remain bare throughout the country.

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