A law enforcement intelligence warning has been leaked about a possible suicide bomber heading north toward the U.S.-Mexico Border.

This has the authorities along the U.S. border with Mexico are on high alert.

The leaked official document was from a source operating under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

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The intelligence originated from Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

Law enforcement partners along the U.S. border received the official report as it was circulated by Border Patrol Intelligence.

More from Breitbart News:

Breitbart confirmed the authenticity of the document with multiple law enforcement sources; however, the details contained within the report have not been verified by Breitbart and the purpose of officials circulating the warning is to alert other authorities and to seek help in verifying the accuracy of the information.

The report being authentic does not verify that a suicide bomber is actually headed toward the U.S.-Mexico Border, but rather that such intelligence was received from a credible source or sources.

According to the document, on January 8, 2020, the Yuma Sector Operations Center received information from HSI about a previously deported Guatemalan national named “…” who is allegedly leading a group of four Middle Eastern males and one female to the U.S. from Mexico.

The female is described as a “suspected suicide bomber.”

The report stated that according to HSI, the group already traveled through Guatemala, Belize, and is currently in Veracruz, Mexico.

The described group is expected to travel to San Luis Rio Colorado in the Mexican state of Sonora, just south of Arizona.

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  1. Columbian with 4 middle Eastern makes and one female suspected bomber. They could walk from Sonora to my house. Be nice to have mug shots so I could BOLO.

  2. Now more than ever we should build a wall for our borders wherein no individuals can have access to the wall for miles! No individuals allowed for miles on all US borders!

  3. Now more than ever we should build a wall for our borders wherein no individuals can have access to the wall for miles! No individuals allowed for miles on all US borders!

    Warren snd Sanders are traitors for siding with Iran thus emboldening them!

  4. Hillary Clinton is delusional for thinking she can be president! Iran is probably mad because commitments were made by Hillary and Obama with Iran, assuming Hillary was going to win and become president. But payments were already made to these two but they did not deliver! That is why it is do or die for Hillary, Obama and the democrats who colluded heavily with Iran!

  5. Keep our border patrol men safe. Mow down anyone who tries to cross the border. No need in our people getting close and being killed by these assholes.
    It would be nice to have the wall right now.

  6. “IF” A Suicide Bomber Plane
    makes it across our borders, it will become dust within seconds!
    So all aboard will have their wish to die as suicide bombers, but high in the sky. You’ll never complete a mission of killing AMERICANS!

  7. If this is true the democrats own it. They refused to protect our southern border because illegal votes are more important to them than the lives of Americans. Pelosi and Schumer are traitors to our country.

  8. Wall should have been done a long time ago. It is the Democrats that are enabling these people to come to our country illegally. Those congresswomen that are supporting the Iranians and not our President should be thrown out of congress and charged with treason. They are traitors to our country. Those seeking socialism need to be sent to a socialist country.

  9. Wow. Would you look at that. No body can keep a secret. No wonder Trump never tells Congress what is going on. Now these people know they are being hunted so catching them will be more difficult.

  10. Our two party system is important the problem is people become obsessed with there party no matter what they see or hear. We all need to be independent until we pick the person we are voting for and then we are with that party but only to a point not to total ignorance of what we see and hear. We all know that there is a large group of Americans that just hate Trump and they can,t seem to come up with a reason why. No matter what he does they hate him. I find this kinda of confusing. Is there party more important than there country?? It seems so.

  11. I think the dumacrates are making it more dangerous for our President to do business & other things he needs to do to keep our Country safe. Other countries could try to call his bluff, thinking that he is, and try to start a war. This is, I think, what Soleimani was doing. This is another reason why Trump had to distroy him.


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