One security force member was been injured at the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas, after a gunman opened fire, according to the Daily Mail.

The shooting occurred near a base entrance. The shooter was reported near the North Gate of the Corpus Christi base.

By 7.30am, the gunman had been ‘neutralized’ officials said in a statement. Officials said the shooter was in the vicinity of the North Gate around 6.15am and immediately locked down the base.

‘If you are in or near the North Gate get out and away to safety. Execute lockdown procedures – remain indoors and away from windows,’ the base said in a Facebook post just before 7am.

From NBC:

At least one security force member was injured Thursday morning in an active-shooter incident at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi.

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The coastal base in Nueces County, Texas, about 140 miles southeast of San Antonio, was on lockdown after security responded to an active shooter around 6:15 a.m.

The shooter was “neutralized,” the base said in a Facebook post.

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The base said earlier that the shooter was believed to be in the vicinity of its north gate.

“If you are in or near the North Gate get out and away to safety,” a Facebook post read.

All gates at the base remain closed while emergency responders accessed the scene…

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Houston’s office of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and local law enforcement were offering assistance.