Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has stated in the past that he supported cuts to Medicare and Social Security, but is now pushing a false narrative that President Trump has abandoned his promise to maintain financial and political support for the programs.

Bloomberg claims that President Trump has not honored his promise to American public and has made cuts to Social Security and Medicaid. Bloomberg did not give details on the types of cuts he was claiming to exist.

Bloomberg has been described by Steve Bannon as someone who has a “vendetta” against President Trump.

Breitbart reported on the recent statements by the ex-mayor.

During his campaign for president, Trump repeatedly distanced himself from Republicans such as Rep. Paul Ryan, who told Americans that cuts in Social Security and Medicare were essential to the long-term strength of the programs.

But Bloomberg embraced that kind of rhetoric in an interview with Fox News Sunday in 2011.

“We cannot continue to say we’ve got to cut, but we can’t touch Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, defense,” Bloomberg said in the interview. “That’s virtually 90 percent of all of our spending.”

Democrats have falsely claimed that in a recent interview with CNBC, President Trump signaled he was open to cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

President Trump has continued his dedication to his campaign promises to not make cuts to Social Security and Medicaid. He recently encouraged leaders at the 2020 Governor’s Ball to call the White House with their problems so he and his team can help them find solutions.

The president understands that the number of retirees per worker is shrinking and that issue requires re-evaluating the programs, but he has not suggested that he would raise taxes or cut spending in these programs in order to maintain stability.

President Trump said clearly last week “We’re not touching Medicare. We want to keep Medicare. We’re not touching Social Security.”.

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