On Fox News’ “The Five,” things became heated when co-host Jesse Watters asked fellow co-host Juan Williams “apologize” to West Point cadets accused of racism.

Cadets were caught on camera flashing the “okay” symbol during Saturday’s Army-Navy football game.

This resulted in a military investigation and they cadets were cleared of using the symbol to convey “white power.”

Instead, the cadets were playing the common game where the symbol is made below someone’s waist and the person is punched if they look down at it.

Watters said, “It’s when you put it down there and someone sees it, you get to punch them in the arm,…

“Juan accused them of being white supremacists, so I would like Juan to apologize for accusing the cadets of using a white power symbol.”

“Let me tell you something,” Williams responded.

“That doesn’t sound like an apology,” said Watters.

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“Jesse, we were very clear that that symbol is now associated with white supremacy,” Williams insisted.

Watters responded, “Let me tell you something, Juan…

“If all of a sudden a dozen white supremacists started wearing a blue tie and the next day I wore a blue tie, am I flashing a white supremacist signal?”

Watters concluded. “Juan, I wasn’t even going to get upset, but you accused these people of being racist….

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“They put their lives on the line for this country and you said they were racist because they made a symbol with their hands. And you should apologize because I’m giving you an opportunity,” Watters said.

Juan Williams refused to apologize.

WATCH: Things Get Heated When Jesse Watters Asks Juan Williams To Apologize To Wrongfully Accused West Point Cadets