The College Fix wrote about a June 25, 2019 event to be hosted by Rutgers University at Newark. According to the school’s website, the event title is “Recognizing and Dismantling White Organizational Culture,” and no, it’s not a joke. It’s woke!

"White People Suck" sign held my white woman.
“White People Suck” sign held my white woman.

In addition to teaching incredibly important terms like “United States-ian” (because American is so passé), this event is designed to help Non-Profit leaders identify white culture, it’s beliefs and values, and how it impacts organizations. From the event webpage:

Participants in this workshop will:
Understand what is white United States-ian culture;
Understand the beliefs and values of white United State-ian culture;
Recognize characteristics of white United States-ian culture in
Begin to explore the impact the culture has on professionals in the field;
and Learn antidotes to dismantling white organizational culture.

The event, part of the school’s Nonprofit Capacity Building Speakers Series, follows another racially focused, multiple hour discussion titled “Nonprofit Roundtable for People of Color,” which was segregated by the university, was noted as:

“a workshop exclusively for POC.”

Attendance was suggested for “people of color working in all levels of service in the nonprofit sector including Executives, Directors, Direct Service Staff, Board Members, and more.”

Yes, you read right. Last week’s event was intended, by Rutgers University at Newark, for people of color only, though the “White Culture” event is open to people of non-color. How very inclusive and not at all racist. Woke+!

The vogue “wokeness-ian” nature of these campus events remains ironic. Leftists consistently strive to erase the history of America’s mistakes, but by omission, repeat these mistakes inadvertently.

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Separating people by race, gender, or other politically-driven identity ensures a divided society full of inherent distrust and alienation. What’s the difference between Democrats segregating whites and blacks until the 1960s and Democrats doing the same thing now? Perception. But the results will be very much the same.

The “Dismantling White Culture” engagement will feature “licensed clinical social worker and antiracist organizer and educator” Bonnie Cushing. While it does not list her as an expert on white organizational culture, “she has been the Vice President of the board of the Center for the Study of White American Culture for the past 5 years,” and coincidentally is white. Attendees should be able to expect some level of expertise on whiteness.

And if that’s not enough white guilt, don’t forget the intersectionally-woke afternoon speaker, Emma Wilcox. Her biography includes numerous art and lecture credits and ends with “she lives by the river.” It does not, however, mention if she lives in a van, by the river.

Breitbart highlights Wilcox in their article about the June 25 event,

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“The event will also include an address by a local artist, who will teach attendees about ‘white’ workplace culture through a ‘queer feminist perspective.'”

It has transcended into another realm of wokeness!

The event has an estimated value of $120, but carries a “pay what you can” fee with breakfast and lunch included, because yes, you will be there long enough to eat both meals.

Non-profits Victoria Foundation and The Prudential Foundation have helped to underwrite the cost of this event.

Victoria Foundation says about itself, “Victoria Foundation seeks to help children throughout Newark overcome the effects of poverty and reach their full potential through the attainment of high-quality education.” The Prudential Foundation boasts on their website, “more than $2.4 billion in impact investments and nearly $890 million in grants and corporate contributions to nonprofits.”

Nothing says progress like white people hating on white people to white people. I wonder who organized the event to dismantle “white” organization. So woke.