Sean Hannity Blows The Lid Off What Democrats Are Secretly Trying To “Get Away With”

Fox News host Sean Hannity exposed what Democrats are really trying to “get away with” with Attorney General William Barr, and boy is it ugly.

Hannity thinks that Democrat Rep. Nadler wants to use his chairmanship on the House Judiciary Committee to secretly trap AG Barr into committing a crime. This shows how desperate the Democrats are becoming. They have already admitted they are going to “lose in 2020 unless Trump is impeached.”

From I Love My Freedom:

Nadler has threatened Barr with action if the attorney general does not release Grand Jury information to other Democratic leaders.

It would be illegal for Barr to release classified information, which is why Nadler is trying to bait the AG into breaking the law.

Hannity showed a clip of Fox News legal contributor Johnathan Turley explaining executive privilege and how Nadler’s committee holding Barr in contempt was “unfounded.”

Turley said clear that if Barr releases the full unreacted report, it would “be a crime,” and that they would see a “world of hurt.”

From Hannity’s Monologue:

“Hold on a second. If you didn’t take the Hillary-bought-and-paid-for Russian dossier seriously or literally, why did James Comey in October of 2016 swear — it says at the top of the FISA application, verified — Why did he swear that the contents were true and accurate in the first FISA request? Why was that request marked verified at the very top? Did James Comey lie then or did he lie in January of 2017 when he said to then President-elect Trump, it’s salacious but not verified…”

“The once powerful high ranking members of this ‘Deep State’ that we have been talking about and exposing for two years tonight [are] running scared and they are now turning on each other.”

Hannity’s argument is that Nadler is threatening Barr and trying to pressure him into releasing Grand Jury information in the Mueller report.

If Barr doesn’t comply, Nadler will try to take action against the attorney general.

If Barr does comply and turns over the information to Nadler, it could subject the AG to legal issues for revealing sensitive information that can’t be released to the public.

This, Hannity argues, is Nadler’s plan to go after Barr.

We have learned time and time again that Democrats will do literally anything to win. They play by a different set of rules because the mainstream media will let them get away with it.

The stakes for 2020 couldn’t be higher. We will keep trying to do our part of keeping as many Americans as possible informed with what is actually going on.

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