Elderly White Man On Bus Murdered By Black Woman, Not Considered A Hate Crime

This is an incredibly tragic story. A woman on a bus in Las Vegas, Nevada got angry with an elderly man after he told her to be nice to other people.

The Las Vegas Police have released video of the incident that shows Cadesha Michelle Bishop, 25, pushing the man off the bus. Imagine being so mentally unstable that when someone simply encourages you to be nice to others you push them and kill them.

The elderly man was named Serge Fournier, and after he was pushed he fell down the stairs of the bus and brutally landed face first on the sidewalk. He later DIED from those injuries. R.I.P. Serge, thank you for trying to make the world a better place.

No hate crime has been charged, and one has to wonder what the situation would be like if a young white girl pushed an elderly black man to his death after he was trying to encourage people to be nice to each other. We know what happened to the Covington high school kids just for standing near a deranged elderly Native American.

From The Las Vegas Review Journal via The Federalist Papers:

Las Vegas police are asking for witnesses to come forward if they saw a woman push a 74-year-old man off of a bus in downtown Las Vegas on March 21.

Metropolitan Police Department officers arrested 25-year-old Cadesha Bishop on May 6, after she allegedly pushed Serge Fournier, 74, off of a parked bus near Fremont Street and 13th Street about 4:50 p.m. March 21. Fournier landed on his head “approximately eight feet from the bus doorway,” and died about a month later, according to Bishop’s arrest report.

Witnesses at the time told detectives that Fournier told the woman “to be nicer to the passengers” after she had been yelling profanities on the bus. He made the comment to her while passing her in the aisle; she then pushed him off the bus “with both hands,” the report said.

Fournier and the woman were arguing when she pushed him, police said Tuesday.

Surveillance video released by Metro on Tuesday shows the man holding what appears to be a walker or folded basket near the front of a crowded bus. The video, which has no sound, shows a woman pushing him out of the doorway with both hands, and Fournier landing on the sidewalk.

According to the report, she then walked away without offering help, grabbing her son’s hand and leading him away.

We will continue trying to make the world a better place in your honor, Serge. I have a good feeling he is resting peacefully with our Lord and Savior right now.

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