Workers at ‘Socialist’ Grocery Store Get Rude Awakening on Harsh Reality of Socialism, Issue Demand to Employer

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Brooklyn New York is home to the people who voted Socialist AOC into office, so it’s not surprising they have a “socialist paradise” food co-op. In what has to be one of the most predictable stories of all time, the people working there say they’re sick and tired of being oppressed by their bosses and want to be able to unionize. From the New York Post:

In response, the crunchy-granola collective’s iron-fisted management threatened and punished those who support the effort — with one union-busting boss telling workers they “should have a backup plan” if their collective bargaining doesn’t bear fruit, according to a copy of the labor complaint filed by the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union. The missive was obtained by The Post through a Freedom of Information Act request.

While a majority of the co-op’s roughly 17,000 members volunteer 2 ³/₄ hours a month for the privilege of buying the store’s low-cost, environmentally friendly fare, it’s the roughly 75 paid, full-time employees there who are digging in for a union fight.

Most of the employees were afraid to provide details of their union battle, telling The Post that they feared their bosses would crack down on them. But one source said the overworked employees are demanding more staffing, better scheduling practices and more transparency from co-op brass.

“Obviously, there’s something going on that’s not fair. I don’t want to say too much right now,” an employee told The Post.

“It’s like a pimple. If you don’t pop it, it just grows. We wouldn’t push it if something wasn’t hurting.”

More From The Daily Wire:

“Following Coop principles, we would like to see that any decision by our staff will be made democratically,” the group of six said in a statement, according to That means management would prefer to see all employees, customers, and members of the co-op participate in a vote to unionize.

The co-op dates back to 1973, and is considered one of the oldest, continuously operating food co-ops in the country. A former member described the shop to the Post as “something between an earthy-crunchy health food haven and a Soviet-style reeducation camp.”

I actually am amazed they have made it this long. This moment has been inevitable. Socialism will work for short periods of time, but as Margaret Thatcher says, eventually you run out of other people’s money and it starts to implode.

In the past, ironically, the co-op’s management has announced boycotts against American companies who they claim employ unfair labor practices. At times, they’ve resisted selling Coca-Cola, Domino sugar, and products from a local Kosher bakery. And in 2008, management began an effort to rid the store of all Israeli-produced products in solidarity with those fighting against the “occupation of Palestine.”

Both the Post and Patch report that this isn’t the first time the co-op’s bourgeoisie management and customer base have been exposed. In 2017, two of the six managers were accused of dipping into the store’s coffers to fund expensive flights to Europe, and in 2011, an internal investigation revealed that some of the co-op’s “members” were actually household staff of Brooklyn’s wealthier families, who were being shuttled to the co-op to work shifts so that their employers could receive the grocery savings without having to get their hands dirty.

People who are willing to steal other people’s money are obviously immoral people, so it’s not surprising there were all sorts of shenanigans going on.

Friends don’t let friends be socialists.

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