VIDEO: Here’s What Happened When Elizabeth Warren Rides A Crowded City Bus

WATCH: Elizabeth Warren on a crowded city bus and nobody cares

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was on a crowded city bus and guess what happened? About 1/1024 people recognized her. See what I did there?

She’s so unpopular most of America has absolutely no idea who she is. The people who do know who she is, know she’s someone who lied about her race/culture pretending to be Native America to get a teaching gig at Harvard.

She also loves to rip on rich people because they are evil and the only way we can save this country is by taxing stealing their money. Well, not her money, obviously.

Can you imagine Trump, Pence, or any of the other 15 people running for Republican in 2016 doing this and not having people coming running up to them? This is why Democrats are so screwed. Almost all of America either doesn’t know who they are, or is disgusted by their socialism.

This is #MAGA country.

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