Billy Zane said he was experiencing “survivor’s remorse” from the coronavirus, despite not knowing anyone who has lost their life, according to Fox News.

The “Titanic” actor spoke with Page Six, and revealed that he has been struggling mentally amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 54-year-old claimed that he does not need to personally know anyone who has been affected to feel the impact of the virus.

“It does not have to directly touch my family or friends for it to affect me,” Zane explained. “It doesn’t have to be my blood that moves me every day.

“This pandemic goes beyond this nation’s borders,” he continued. “I think about the homeless, the sick and kids that use school as a safe place.”

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“I miss going to brunch the most,” he told Page Six. “Everyone is bright-eyed … lunch can be a little draggy … [and] when people do dinner they’re just getting ready to go home.”

“[But] brunch has a spring in its step. People are out, it’s like the animal kingdom — like the watering hole.”

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Earlier this week, Zane joined a myriad of celebrities with ties to the city of Chicago for a telethon event meant to raise money for various charities helping the city during this unprecedented time. Zane was on hand to sing “Happy Days Are Here Again,” composed by Chicago native Milton Ager and made famous by Barbra Streisand.

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Zane’s thoughts on the coronavirus weren’t all doom-and-gloom, however. The actor kept things significantly more lighthearted when he revealed which thing he misses most about the pre-COVID-19 world.