Two recent poll results show that black likely voters approving Trump, numbers are up – to 34% to be exact. This could be incredibly impactful on the possible re-election in 2020.

A Rassmussen poll released the results on Friday, showing that black likely voter approval is at 43 percent. Another poll conducted by Emerson, showed 34.5 approval by the black likely voters as well.

“Boom,” wrote Deneen Borelli, black author and Trump supporter. Borelli’s tweet is to thank for the saying “Democrats worst nightmare.”

Jovial after hearing the news, Trump Campaign rejoiced and celebrated.

“It might shock Democrats that support for President Trump is rising with Black Americans but it shouldn’t,” Trump campaign Principal Deputy Communications Director Erin Perrine said.

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“Blacks are more prosperous than ever because of President Trump with record-low unemployment and rising paychecks.”
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The polling bump only bolstered the Trump campaign’s decision to launch a “Black Voices for Trump” political coalition in November.

“We’re going to campaign for every last African American vote in 2020,” Trump said in a speech, launching the group with black supporters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Perrine said the news would energize the coalition going into the president’s re-election effort for 2020.

“The Black Voices for Trump coalition will help get the facts and truth out there about the strength of America for Blacks under President Trump,” she said.