Democratic New York Rep. Max Rose did not go along with his party in support of new legislation in the War Powers Resolution.

To begin with, Rose said that the killing of the Iranian terrorist General Qassem Soleimani was legal and justified.

President Trump ordered a deadly U.S. drone strike that targeted Soleiman at the Bagdad International Airport.

Rose said that no one is interested in going to war and he was encouraged that President Trump de-escalated the situation.

Rose, who is a U.S. Army veteran with a Bronze Star and Purple Heart, did not believe that this called for a “political messaging document.”

From Breitbart:

The statement, published to Representative Rose’s official feed, makes Rep. Max Rose’s case against what he characterized as an attempt to “play politics with questions of war and peace.”

I know all too well the real costs of war and sending troops into harm’s way is the most consequential decision I could make.

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Unfortunately, today’s War Powers Resolution is a non-binding resolution that simply restates existing law and sends the message that war is imminent.

I refuse to play politics with questions of war and peace and therefore will not support this resolution.

Rose also vocalized his support for President Donald Trump’s strike on Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani, calling him “a terrorist who was responsible for the murder of hundreds of American service members.”

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