Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) told Jacob Blake Jr. that she is “proud of him and how he is working through his pain,” according to attorney Benjamin Crump, Breitbart News reports.

Crump represents the Blake family. In a statement, Crump said Harris’s meeting with the family “inspirational and uplifting.”

Crump said: “In a moving moment, Jacob J. told Sen. Harris that he was proud of her, and the senator told Jacob that she was also proud of him and how he is working through his pain … Sen. Harris also discussed the policy changes that she and Vice President Biden will seek.”

In a confrontation with Kenosha, Wisconsin, Blake was shot seven times by police. Blake was wounded and paralyzed from the waist down.

There was a warrant for Blake’s arrest for “third-degree sexual assault, trespassing and disorderly conduct,” according to the Associated Press at the time of the confrontation. Wisconsin authorities said that a knife was found in his car.

More from Breitbart:

Blake Jr. spoke publicly for the first time on Saturday night, releasing a video from his hospital bed in which he spoke about pain from his injuries, adding: “Please, I’m telling you, change your lives out there.” He also appeared in court via video on Friday, pleading not guilty to the pending charges against him, which are not related to the Aug. 23 shooting. As local NBC affiliate WTMJ-TV noted:

According to a criminal complaint filed in July, Blake is accused of sexually assaulting a woman back in May. The woman told police that Blake also took her car keys and a debit card from her before fleeing. Blake was also charged with disorderly conduct – domestic abuse and criminal trespass – domestic abuse.

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Harris, who is the running mate of former Vice President Joe Biden on the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential ticket, visited with members of the Blake family on Monday as part of a visit to Milwaukee. She spoke to Blake Jr. by phone.

From Chicks On The Right:

Yup, our beloved Democratic party VP nominee, Kamala Harris, is proud of Jacob Blake Jr., according to a relayed message from Blake’s attorney, Benjamin Crump.

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Blake is our latest poster child for the Black Lives Matter “movement” after his involvement in a police confrontation on August 23rd in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Shots were fired, resulting in Blake’s injuries and paralyzation from the waist down.

Blake was wanted for sexual assault charges and, during the police confrontation, Blake chose to take that opportune moment to reach for a knife in his vehicle. That is when the gunshots commenced…

Honestly, I’m much more interested to hear from Blake’s victims on these various issues he willingly got himself into.

I never saw a white cop shooting a black man. I saw a police officer protecting himself from a resistant criminal who showed the intent to harm said police officer.

Geez, Kamala Harris sure does suck at picking out who the hero is… she’d REALLY suck at directing Marvel movies. Don’t even bother quizzing her on them.