Prior to the Super Bowl game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers was the singing of the national anthem.

President Donald Trump was on video as he appeared to conduct the orchestra during the anthem.

Al Sharpton is a host on MSNBC and shared his reaction to the video of Trump.

Sharpton said that Trump acted “unpatriotic” and then compared it to Colin Kaepernick’s anthem protests.

Kaepernick, a former 49ers quarterback, and now activist, was criticized by President Trump for taking a knee during the national anthem when he was playing football.

Sharpton said “You’ve got to go back to that Trump mocking the national anthem because for those of us that stood by the right of Kaepernick to take a knee, Kaepernick did not mock the national anthem. This was a mockery.”

“This is acting like it was composed for [him], and I think it was unpatriotic for the President of the United States to act like this was some composition that he could exploit rather than respect. [F]or him to criticize Kaepernick and him to do that shows the ultimate hypocrisy,” Sharpton added.