Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Christine Pelosi, posted a response to the announcements that Rand Paul had tested positive for the coronavirus and Mitt Romney was self-isolating that incited a backlash of criticism, eventually leading to the tweet to be deleted.

The now deleted tweet from Christine Pelosi read; “Rand Paul’s neighbor was right.”

The tweet she responded to was not related to the incident involving Rand Paul and his neighbor that left him with 6 broken ribs, it was a post by Washington Post’s Paul Kane that Mitt Romney’s self-isolation would be preventing him from seeing his wife who is currently suffering from multiple sclerosis for two weeks.

Further details on the backlash was reported by Western Journal.

To see a daughter of the hyper-political, power-hungry House speaker debase herself by insulting a senator who’s already dealing with a potentially fatal ailment should be surprising.

But at a time when that same House speaker has already debased herself and her country by waging a disgraceful war of #Resistance — including a ludicrous impeachment attempt that seems only more absurd now, viewed through the lens of a genuine national crisis — it’s almost to be expected.

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Christine Pelosi obviously believes that politics is no game of bean bag — a lesson she learned at her mother’s side, if not on her knee.

Remember, this is a woman who watched with the rest of the country as her mother ripped up President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on national television and got resounding applause from Democrats in Congress.

Where she went wrong, though, was apparently thinking this tweet attacking Paul was going to win her plaudits from her political allies.

What she got instead was payback that was savage — and richly deserved.

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Critics called on Nancy Pelosi asking if she approves of encouraging violence against a member of congress.

Members of the media criticized the appropriateness of of the tweet.

Supporters of President Trump retweeted Christine Pelosi’s response and kept the message alive on social media, despite being deleted.

Even a women who describe herself as a person who “hates his politics” found Christine Pelosi’s tweet offensive.