Actor Robert Davi argued that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other Congressional Democrats should be held “accountable” for their actions during the global coronavirus pandemic.

“Every plan that the Democrats have is corrupt,” Davi said. “What they want is what Bernie Sanders wants, which is a revolution… They’re using this to collapse the nation.”

Davi asked politicians to stop “playing politics with our lives.” In videos posted to Twitter, Davi described Pelosi and others as “Marxists” who are using the crisis as an opportunity to push a socialist plan on the American people:

“Unless there are businesses there are no workers of the world,” he said. “The left will take your freedoms away from you. The left is dangerous.”

“They’re not telling you what’s going on,” he said. “We’re in a crisis point. We have to work together. We can beat this.”

In another tweet earlier on Monday, Davi said Congressional Democrats are behaving like “communists.”

“This is what Communists do, they use the workers to destroy them,” he wrote. “Without healthy business there are no workers!”

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H/T Breitbart