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Catherine Herridge Breaks Her Silence, Releases Jaw-Dropping Investigative Report

via Forbes

Veteran reporter Catherine Herridge reveals the plight of Army Specialist Karoline Stancik, attributing her heart condition to the COVID-19 vaccine and detailing her struggles with medical bills and neglect by the Army and National Guard.

Stancik’s case has shed light on the repercussions of mandatory COVID vaccinations in the military, with many service members reporting severe side effects.

“It one hundred percent is,” Stancik said when questioned whether the condition was linked to the vaccine.

“Were you left behind by the Army and the National Guard?” Herridge asked.

“I was left behind and trampled,” Stancik said.

“I could run 10 miles at a time, play basketball, and now I have trouble just standing up,” she said. “The only thing that could have changed was the vaccine. That’s when everything flipped upside down for me.”

“They’re fully responsible. I was neglected, and the medical care that I needed to get was not happening, and so the damage was more by delaying the response,” she said of the Army.

“I was experiencing severe neuropathic pain. It felt like a burning sensation throughout my whole body, chest pain, breathing issues, high heart rate.”

“I will wake up, and my heart rate will hit the 180s, 190s,” she added.

Herridge’s report, titled “The Cost of Following Orders,” sheds light on the challenges faced by veterans like Stancik due to the vaccine mandate.

The internal documents obtained by Herridge suggest a potential opening for similar claims by affected service members while emphasizing the need for accountability and proper medical care for those impacted by vaccine-related conditions.


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