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Biden Tells Bizarre Lie About Taking ‘Train’ Over Baltimore Bridge

via NBC

During a recent address, President Biden made a statement that has drawn attention due to its factual inaccuracy. Biden mentioned taking a “train” over the collapsed bridge, a claim that has been widely disputed given the absence of a train route over the Francis Scott Key Bridge 3.

A White House official released a correction that said Biden “clearly” was referring to driving despite mentioning a train. “The President was clearly describing driving over the bridge while commuting between Delaware and D.C.” the White House official said.

Biden’s recent remarks regarding the Baltimore bridge collapse have sparked controversy due to a factual inaccuracy, prompting the need for clarification and context surrounding the situation.

via Fox News

“At about 1:30, a container ship struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which I’ve been over many, many times commuting from the state of Delaware either by train or by car,” Biden said during a press conference. “I’ve been to Baltimore Harbor many times,” he added.

The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, resulting from a cargo ship’s collision, has led to a tragic and ongoing search and rescue operation in an effort to locate missing individuals and address the aftermath of the disaster.

The incident has garnered significant attention and raised concerns about the safety and integrity of critical infrastructure.

via NBC

The discrepancy in President Biden’s statement has prompted the need for clarification and accuracy in the portrayal of the situation. Given the gravity of the incident and the ongoing search and rescue efforts, ensuring that accurate information is disseminated is crucial to maintaining public trust and understanding of the unfolding events.

President Biden’s pledge of federal support and the commitment to stand by the affected community in the aftermath of the bridge collapse remains a significant aspect of the administration’s response to the tragedy.

The president’s acknowledgment of the severity of the incident and the administration’s commitment to aiding the recovery efforts are key components of the federal response.

via FOX

As the search and rescue efforts continue and the investigation into the causes of the bridge collapse unfolds, the accuracy and clarity of public statements, particularly those made by the president, are of utmost importance. Ensuring that accurate and factual information is conveyed to the public is essential in times of crisis to facilitate understanding and coordination in response to such tragic events.

The need for accuracy and transparency in public statements regarding the Baltimore bridge collapse is essential to uphold the integrity of communication and ensure that the public remains informed about the situation.


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